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Proud American Kennel Club breeder. Click on the logo to view more information about the Chinese Crested breed.

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Welcome to Ziada (Zee-ah-da) Chinese Cresteds! "Ziada" is an African term for extra-something-special and one we decided to use as a name dedicating to the Chinese Crested's African linage and because this is an extra special breed to us and one that is very dear to our hearts. The Chinese Crested is the most exotic and beautiful breed in the world. They are amazingly agile, fast, and tons of fun. They love playing ball, catching a frisbee, teaching tricks, jumping around, or just cuddling up with you for an afternoon nap. Once you have one, you will never find another breed that will fulfill your expectations like a Chinese Crested.

We are conveniently located 40 miles southeast of downtown Dallas, Texas.
We strongly believe in a small breeding program that promotes the quality and love of the Chinese Crested breed. The key components to our successful breeding program are health, physical structure, quality, excellent temperaments, and intelligence. We are inspected by AKC, and our Veterinarian for their qualified expertise on canine care and husbandry for your and our benefit. We do not sell to brokers or pet stores. All of the babies have been handled from the moment they are born which makes them very loving, secure, and people friendly as they mature. They will be current on all shots/deworming and come with a 2 year health/genetic guarantee.

Our Chinese Cresteds come in a variety of colors and are non-shedding. We know we have a Chinese Crested puppy you are looking for, or perhaps one that is looking for you. When looking for your puppy keep in mind that this is not the time to hunt for a bargain. Responsible breeders have invested in quality animals and quality care. Your new addition will be a member of your family for his /her lifetime, so you'll want to make a wise investment. Also, evaluate your budget: asking if you really can afford a puppy and all that comes with him/her. Dog Ownership = Responsibility.